Lufthansa Allegris First Flight Takes Off Today

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Lufthansa Allegris is finally here! The first scheduled flight with Lufthansa’s new Allegris cabin took off yesterday afternoon at 4:14pm from Munich travelling to Vancouver.

A 10 hour flight, 268 passengers, 18 crew members and 10 new seat options, this first Lufthansa Allegris flight took place on their A350-900, flight LH476.

Lufthansa Allegris New Cabin Takes Its First Flight
Lufthansa Allegris New Cabin Takes Its First Flight

Flight Routes With New Allegris Product

Amongst the first Lufthansa Allegris A350-900 flight that took off yesterday from Munich to Vancouver, there is more to come with the German carrier.

We can expect Toronto to be the second destination for the new Lufthansa Allegris product, scheduled for take off today. The plan for Luftahsna, is to alternate the Canadian cities, Vancouver and Toronto, in the first few months until more A350s are delivered.

With more A350 aircraft to come, the Lufthansa Allegris product will become available on flights to Chicago and Montreal for the summer.

Post end-of summer season, flights can also expect to operate to Shanghai as well as San Francisco maintaining Lufthansa’s established global network with updated product.

For travellers looking to book-in their winter flight schedule, you can expect Lufthansa Allegris cabin onboard for the entire product range with more details regarding pricing and benefits relating to status customers released at the same time.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Product
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Product

Introducing Lufthansa Allegris

If you’re unfamiliar with Lufthansa’s new cabin product ‘Allegris’ it is been in the works for the last 7 years and promises passengers a heightened and ‘new travel experience’ for long-haul services.

Transforming all flight classes from Economy to First, Lufthansa Allegris First Class cabin product, was unfortunately not ready for the official first flight due to prolonged delays. CEO Jens Ritter sadly announced that these seats would be released and ready to go hopefully late August to early September 2024.

The new Lufthansa Allegris Business Class cabin is a confusing one, with seven different seating types all offering different perks. From extra-space seats, window seats, extra-long beds to the Business Class suite, be sure to ask your airfare specialist what is most suitable for your journey.

When booking Lufthansa Allegris Business Class, you can still reserve a seat as you could prior, with Classic Seat reservation always free of charge. Seats with additional comfort such as the extra space seat, Business Class suite, privacy window seat or extra long bed seat, require an additional charge and can be booked in advance with seat reservation.

Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Cabin Layout
Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Cabin Layout

To get a taste of the new Lufthansa Allegris cabin product, book your Lufthansa global airfare today by getting in touch with an airfare specialist. 

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