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lufthansa first class lounge review in frankfurt airport

Lufthansa First Class Lounge Frankfurt Review

Before boarding Lufthansa First Class on their Boeing 747-800, we visited the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt Airport. There are two Lufthansa First Class lounges in Frankfurt airport, one in the airport and the other in a dedicated First Class ...
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Lufthansa First Class In Flight Dining Welcome Tray Assortment

Lufthansa First Class Review Boeing 747-800

Our Lufthansa First Class experience began on our arrival from Iceland, where we were met on the tarmac by a personal chauffeur service, beginning our 2.5 hour transit-time. We were picked up in a VW sprinter car, straight from off ...
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Finnair Business Class Lounge Helsinki Airport

Prior to experiencing the new AirLounge with Finnair from Helsinki to Singapore, we visited the Finnair Business Class Lounge in Helsinki Airport.  With quiet a long ling greeting us at security, having Business Class priority saved us over an hour ...
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Qantas New A380 First Class Review

Qantas New A380 First Class Review

Qantas unveiled their first refurbished A380 in October 2019, the new look A380 includes a refurbished first class, an upgraded business class (now fitted out with the Skybeds seen on the airline’s Dreamliners) and a new first/business lounge. We flew ...
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